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New Exhibitions at FOMU from 02.10.20

Martine Franck
02.10.20 - 24.01.2

Martine Franck (BE, 1938-2012), who was born in Antwerp, discovered a passion for photography while on a long journey through Asia in 1963. Once she had returned home to Paris, she set herself as a freelance photographer and created portraits and reportages for the major American magazines, including Life, The New York Times and Vogue. Martine Franck claimed wonder and a deep joy for humanity, with all the empathy she displayed.

Martine Frank (BE, 1938-2012) was by nature a free spirit. For Martine, the camera was a tool to position herself in society. From a deep social commitment, she fights for women, the elderly, refugees and endangered communities worldwide. She takes her time to build respectful relationships with the people she portrays. In this way she creates a unique photographic language, with strong compositions and observations in black and white.

This autumn, the FOMU is bringing the major retrospective of Martine Franck's work to her hometown. Martine Franck was closely involved in the elaboration of this exhibition, created by the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson (Paris) and the Musée de L'Elysée (Lausanne), just before her death.

Curator: Agnès Sire

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Lynne Cohen - Depht on the Surface
02.10.20 - 24.01.21

When you look beyond the surface of a Lynne Cohen (CA, 1944-2014) photograph, you enter a subtly absurd and surreal universe. She exclusively photographed interiors for four decades: spas, military facilities, classrooms, laboratories, etc. What goes on in the minds of the designers and users of these spaces? There are no humans in these scenes, only cryptic traces that once there were.

This retrospective highlights our species’ obsession with understanding and control, topics that are particularly relevant in the current climate of coronavirus uncertainty. While Lynne Cohens photographs are unadulterated registrations of reality, the attentive viewer is rewarded with clues and contradictions. This is not a world of easy escapes but rather a claustrophobic one with a deceptively simple appearance.

Cohen’s work is placed here in a context of like-minded artists such as Guillaume Bijl, Thomas Demand and Marcel Duchamp. They often take the readymade as their point of departure: what happens, they ask, when you take something mundane and pull it out of context?

This retrospective is based on a concept and research by Karin Hanssen and Bert Danckaert, in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Curators: Bert Danckaert & Joachim Naudts

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33 days of .tiff
02.10.20 - 07.11.20

Laure Cottin Stefanelli, Etienne Courtois, David Denil, Katherine Longly, Renée Lorie, Sebastian Steveniers, Wiktoria Synak, Florine Thiebaud, Pierre Vanneste, Sybren Vanoverberghe.

Each year, FOMU selects ten promising photographers who live or work in Belgium. It is the start of a year-long journey that commences with publication in our portfolio magazine .tiff and ends with a group exhibition in the museum.

.tiff is as eclectic as “Belgian photography” itself. It offers a snapshot of the diversity and dynamism of Belgium’s photography scene. .tiff allows FOMU to provide emerging talent with a platform to reach a wider audience and network.

.tiff has evolved over the years into an international support platform for Belgian photography. Since 2018, it has been a part of Futures, a partnership between FOMU and ten other European organisations.

Futures is a partnership between the British Journal of Photography (UK), CAMERA (IT), Hyères Festival (FR), FOMU (BE), Fotofestiwal Lodz (PL), PHotoESPAÑA (ES), PhotoIreland (IR), Photo Romania Festival (RO), Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center (HU), Triennial of Photography Hamburg (DE) and The Calvert Journal.

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Here you can find a large selection of press images in low res. High res images are available on request. The images can not be cropped and you always have to mention the full copyright.


Collection purchase Eamonn Doyle
02.10.20 - 24.01.21

FOMU has purchased the unique work 'Baggot Street' from Irish photographer Eamonn Doyle for the collection. Eamonn Doyle made this work together with Niall Sweeney. This collection purchase is exhibited in the FOMU.

From 14 November, the installation 'Made in Dublin' by Eamonn Doyle will be on show at a location in the city centre of Antwerp. You can experience this installation on the Wapper 7. More info soon.

Born in Dublin in 1969, Eamonn Doyle studied painting and photography. His debut photo book i (2014), was described by Martin Parr as 'the best street photo book in a decade'. In addition to being a photographer, he is also a producer and DJ.

Eamonn Doyle & Niall Sweeney, Baggot Street, 2015/2020, Enneaptych (veelluik uit 9 delen), unieke editie © Eamonn Doyle & Niall Sweeney/ Collectie FOMU

The curators and .tiff photographers are available for interviews. For an interview you must make an appointment in advance. Contact Isabelle Willems or Sarah Skoric.

Isabelle Willems

Head of press & communication, FOMU - Fotomuseum Antwerpen

Sarah Skoric

Assistant press & communication, FOMU - Fotomuseum Antwerpen


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